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Experience the next generation of web-based remote monitoring

Terberg Efficiency Management Tool (EMT) was developed for maximum engine performance. This tool makes all relevant information from your power generation projects visible for your engineers. The worldwide monitoring system manages your equipment remotely from any place in the world, resulting in maximum efficiency in your operation.

The Terberg EMT system is compatible with all engine control units in the world. Direct result is that you can monitor all your generator sets and devices. The EMT is an easy-to-use solution: the built in check link software in the engine control unit, makes it easy to be connected via an internet cable with the server from Terberg Control Systems, anywhere in the world. We call this the T-platform.

All you need to do is tell us who needs access to which engines and Terberg EMT will do the rest, without you having to modify your hardware. An alarm service focuses your engineers’ attention where it’s required. The EMT system offers even more advantages. Do you think your customers want to benefit from cost control? The smart data collection makes it easy to analyze the efficiency of the generator. This information increases the efficiency of your system enormously and turns you into a dealer that really makes a (cost)difference.

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