Eplan is all about
increasing efficiency
Linking all different phases of
panel building in a unique way
Optimizing of the
production process

Panel building in the most efficient way

No more worries about planning, management, engineering and documentation for your control and distribution panels. At Terberg, we have integrated our Eplan engineering system with propanel (2D and 3D). Our engineering system generates all necessary drawings, logistics information, the constructions and production data. We guarantee you an error free design, getting everything in the correct form, at the right moment and in the right place.

Eplan is all about maximum efficiency through 3D mechanical construction design: “What you see is what you get”. In this continuous changing world, Eplan allows us to move faster together. By linking sales, design, production and testing phase, we create the most efficient and fastest production process for you.

At Terberg, all processes are connected to our engineering platform. After receiving your order, our panel configurator will automatically load the project details into our Eplan system. Connecting technology and logistics with intelligent constructing blocks on the fly that automatically recognize and link up individual up-to-date components. Not only the drawings and material handling is covered by Eplan; construction information will be sent to our CNC robots and wiring machinery as well. And of course the whole process is in line with your required specifications.

We believe in optimizing the process of panel manufacturing. By linking all different phases in a unique way, the production of your panel becomes more and more efficient. In short, Eplan saves you time and even more important: money.

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