Nocibe Cement Factory

Terberg MCC

Product and Service provider, GTG – Benin

Global Trading Group NV (GTG) is a product and service provider for the energy market in west Africa and the Middle east. GTG supplied a complete power house for the supply of energy for the Nocibe Cement Factory in Masse, Benin. The power house can generate over 28MW of power, generated by Hyundai gensets.

In cooperation with GTG, Terberg Control Systems supplied the complete control solution for the 12 gensets including grid synchronization, SCADA solution for local visualisation and several MCC panels to control and supply over 100 components in the field, like radiators, pumps, lighting & sockets heaters, and many more. With the Cubic modular system the MCC panels can be built in accordance with the latest standards, and thanks to the innovative withdrawable feeder solution, motor groups can be fast and easily removed and replaced in the system.

The high quality products of Terberg and our partner GTG make it possible to guarantee a continually running Cement factory, to produce cement every day with a maximum day capacity of 3600 tons of cement. We are proud to be at the heart of this production facility.