Terberg Control Systems B.V. has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
to the following Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001:2015


The Quality Management System is applicable to: Development, production and servicing of control- and power distribution systems.

The Terberg company quality objectives are offering solutions and services in line with the expectations and requirements of the customers. Key focus on continuous improvements is necessary in the view of Terberg Control Systems, to realize the optimum quality for the customer. The improvements of Terberg are focused on:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Satisfaction of employees
  • Higher efficiency of the organization

The quality policy of Terberg Control Systems is focused on:

  • Sharing the policy with everyone in the organization to ensure maximum communication and involvement of the whole organization is realized
  • Creating optimal alignment between departments to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
  • Communicating in a clear and consistent way with customers and deliver on commitment internally and externally to make sure more customers are satisfied

The objectives mentioned above are realized by Terberg Control Systems via handling and managing in a consistent way the quality system. This quality program is making sure which action by whom and when has to be executed to make sure the quality objectives are realized.

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Terberg Control Systems