Hero Master Control Panel



Empower your electrical infrastructure with our advanced Control Panels, precision engineered to oversee individual electricity sources such as generators, solar fields, batteries, and diverse renewable sources.

Leveraging our extensive expertise across various generator types, including gas, diesel, and biofuels, we provide efficient solutions tailored to meet the demands of diverse energy sources.

For a comprehensive site solution, our control panels seamlessly integrate with our master panels, ensuring a unified approach to managing your energy ecosystem.

Our panels feature a Human Machine Interface (HMI) boasting our custom-made Runwin software. These intuitive touch-enabled interfaces, available in different sizes, provides an intransform the control experience into an intuitiveencounter.

Control Panels

At the core is our eTEC, an in-house developed and produced all-in-one device that takes charge of controlling the energy source.

This innovative device combines our cutting-edge electronics, including the Single Board Controller (SBC), IO cards, and a power measuring device, streamlining the management of your electrical infrastructure.


  • Controls all types of energy sources
  • Expierence with a lot generator manufacturers, Gas, Diesel and Biofuel.
  • Controlled with a dedicated in house designed controller (eTEC)






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