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Comprehensive turnkey solutions fully customized to meet the most stringent standards and specifications

With the increasing supply of energy from small, local sources such as windmills and solar panels, the growth of unpredictable needs for electrical energy at the local level has transformed the production and distribution of electrical power into something akin to "higher magic" rather than predictable schemes. The inherent challenge lies in the fact that local power distribution grids are ill-equipped to handle such dynamic capacity shifts. 

Terberg Control Systems has designed and produced complete turnkey service modules. These service modules, comprising of an array of various medium-voltage panels, batteries, transformers, and a central control unit,  which are intended to monitor, regulate and control a complete local electricity production plant.

With the Efficiency Management Tool (EMT) from Terberg, the output power of the power plant can be measured and controlled locally and remotely, entirely in accordance with the requirements of the grid. When the grid capacity reaches a potential outage, a signal from the Grid Operator is received by the control unit, and the system will increase the capacity of the installation.

Customer-specific additions can be implemented, such as an intruder alarm and camera surveillance, to be added to the EMT, fortifying the power plant against vandalism. This versatility allows the solution to find a home even in sensitive areas, with accessibility and control managed remotely.


  • Comprehensive turnkey solution catering to all customer needs
  • Fully customized to meet the most stringent standards and specifications
  • Remote control facilitated through seamless two-way communication





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