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Harness the evolving landscape of energy with our Microgrid Containers, a revolutionary solution fuelled by the rising tide of energy from local sources like windmills and solar panels, coupled with cutting-edge battery storage.

Terberg Control Systems introduces a game-changing turnkey solution encapsulated within our precision engineered service modules. Featuring a central Medium Voltage panel and control panels dedicated to managing energy sources, complemented by a central control master panel, our solution is poised to monitor and control a complete local electricity production plant.

At the core of this intelligent ecosystem lies the Efficiency Management Tool (EMT) from Terberg. This sophisticated tool empowers you to measure and regulate the output power of your microgrid, both locally and remotely, precisely aligning with the grid's requirements. Should the grid capacity come close with the lower limits, a prompt signal from the Grid Operator triggers the control unit, prompting the system to dynamically increase the installation's capacity.

Experience a new era in microgrid management, where innovation meets reliability, and unpredictability is seamlessly managed by our expertise in precision engineering.


  • Comprehensive turnkey solution catering to all customer needs
  • Fully customized to meet the most stringent standards and specifications
  • Remote control facilitated through seamless two-way communication
  • All different types interfaces of energy sources can be implemented





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