Hero Master Control Panel



Enhance your control capabilities with our auxiliary panels, seamlessly complementing your primary control systems.

These panels serve as crucial additions when feeding and regulating auxiliary components within the controlled energy source.

Our solutions are precision engineered in compliance with industry standards and encompass detailed calculations, including cascade, selectivity, and short-circuit withstand variables.

When it comes to handling larger currents of up to 6300A, our power panels step into the spotlight. Partnering with Cubic, a trusted industry leader, allows us to navigate even the most challenging circumstances.

The collaboration empowers us to engineer and produce these panels entirely in-house, tailoring them precisely to your specifications. Trust in our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique control requirements.


  • Control and supply of all types of auxiliary sources
  • From Feeder groups to DOL, Star/Delta up towards frequency drives in all sizes
  • Main controlled from the Control panel with dedicated IO cards
  • Handle larger currents of up to 6300A





Our professionals are trained, experienced and possess competencies that make them experts on our technologies.

Our service & after-sales team deliver on-site product services and support to owners and businesses of all sizes across the globe.

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