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Embrace the era of sustainable energy with our Battery Containers, a pivotal addition to small local energy sources that promises significant benefits

These containerized battery solutions seamlessly integrate into our comprehensive suite of site-controlled solutions, whether as part of a microgrid or energy management system, or as a stand-alone unit.

Leveraging over 30 years of extensive experience in energy management solutions, we present containerized battery solutions capable of operating both in island and parallel modes.

This versatility empowers our solution to be not only grid following but, more importantly, grid forming. This unique capability ensures enhanced uptime for the entire local electricity network.

Equipped with the Efficiency Management Tool (EMT) from Terberg, our battery containers provide precise measurement and control of the power plant's output, locally and remotely, aligning perfectly with the grid and load requirements. When the grid capacity reaches a potential outage, a signal from the Grid Operator activates the control unit, prompting the system to dynamically boost the installation's capacity.

Unleash the potential of your energy network with our Battery Containers, where reliability meets innovation to ensure a sustainable and resilient power supply.


  • Standard size can be offered for a smooth implementation on site
  • Remote control facilitated through seamless two-way communication







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