AMP Clean Energy

Terberg EMT

Energy Project – Urban Reserve, United Kingdom

With the increasing supply of energy from small local energy sources, such as windmills and solar panels, and the growth of unpredictable needs for electrical energy at the local level, the production and distribution of electrical power has become “higher magic” rather than predictable schemes. Since the local power distribution grid is not designed for such capacity shifts, it will be clear that there is a challenge here.

AMP Clean Energy develops, finances and realizes microgrid solutions as decentralized energy projects under the name “Urban Reserve”. These microgrid solutions meet the UK’s commercial and industrial sustainability agenda. With the growth of renewable energy, there is a demand for energy when wind and solar power cannot produce enough electricity. This microgrid solution will help balance the grid and enable the transition to a low-carbon economy while ensuring that, regardless of the weather, electricity is close at hand where and when it is needed.

Terberg Control Systems has designed and produced the complete turnkey service module for this microgrid solution. As always, inside is what really counts. The service module consisting of various medium voltage panels, batteries, transformer and a central control unit is intended to monitor and control a complete local electricity production plant. With the EMT (Efficiency Management Tool) from Terberg, the output power of the power plant can be measured and controlled local and remote, entirely according to the requirements of the grid. When the grid capacity threatens to become too low, a signal from the Grid Operator is received by the control unit and the system will increase the capacity of the installation. In addition, an intruder alarm and camera surveillance have been added to the EMT, reducing the vulnerability of the entire power plant to vandalism, allowing this solution to be implemented even in sensitive areas. This tailor-made solution, based on a modular approach, is the direct result of our partnership with AMP Clean Energy. It paves the way for more innovative solutions and successful partnerships in the future.