Bio Power Plant

Terberg EMT

Energy provider, REG Power Management, United Kingdom

REG Power Management is an energy provider with over 50 projects in Renewable energy sources; wind, solar and bio power projects. Together with Finning UK, Terberg Control Systems worked on a control and remote monitoring solution for a 18MW bio-power plant in Selby, North Yorkshire, running on recovered cooking oil.

Terberg Control Systems supplied the complete control solution for the 10 Caterpillar gensets, the bio process and our remote monitoring and control solution; Terberg EMT. As the plant is part of the UK national grid program Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR), the plant needs to be available 24/7. Our remote monitoring and control solution is crucial for a reliable system that can be watched and controlled from various REG offices across the UK.

The flexible response plant is designed to meet the challenge of producing power at short notice using sustainable fuel. With this first of its kind bio power plant our customer can generate 100% eco-friendly energy for UK homes and businesses when the National Grid is at short supply.