Terberg Control Solutions

Caterpillar dealer, BanglaCAT – Bangladesh

BanglaCAT is the Official Caterpillar (CAT) Dealer, Product Support and Service provider for CAT Construction Equipment and CAT Power Systems. BanglaCAT created a joint venture with Paramount BTrac Energy for a 200MW power plant. Consisting hundred-thirty-five (135) D3516B HD CAT diesel generator sets.

Terberg Control Systems supplied the total genset control and power section solution to operate, protect, and synchronize the 135 gensets. The genset are separate in six power houses. Each power house has a sub Master panel that has the provision to monitoring power output on the 11kV level, can control all circuit breakers and has the load management function to retain only required number of gensets after starting all of them at once depending on the required power. Above the sub master panel, there is one main master panel that is the overall master connected with the sub masters and plant management systems: 230kV grid connection, SCADA, firefighting system, and fuel system.

With the realization of the total control solution for this 200MW plant, our customer can easily and reliably provide power to their customers. The generated power will support the national grid permanently for at least the coming 5 years. 230kV grid connection.