VANCOUVER LANDFILL | Clean Energy Power Station, Village Farms - Canada

Village Farms is one of the largest producers of premium quality greenhouse tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers in North America. In the 10 hectares Canadian greenhouses facility near Vancouver, the energy is generated by a Clean Energy power station running on landfill gas. Landfill gas is a by-product of the decomposing garbage found in the Vancouver landfill next to the greenhouse.

Terberg Control Systems supplied the complete control solution for the 4 Caterpillar gensets, including the grid synchronizing, CHP control, and our remote monitoring and control solution Terberg EMT. With Terberg EMT the customer gets an overview and billing reports of the generated heat and electricity. The heat from the engine is used to heat the greenhouses, while the produced CO2 is used as a nutrient for the plants and the electricity for the assimilation lightning. A small part of the generated electricity is used for internal and the surplus is sold to the national grid.

The power is used for a camp facility, at the gas field, for almost 4000 employees. They process one billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Khazzan gas field. Khazzan, owned by BP, is the largest new upstream gas project in central Oman dessert. And Terberg Control Systems is right atthe heart of it.


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